Commitment at JCC

Jamestown Community College encourages and welcomes all past and present military service members and their families to begin their educational pursuits. JCC has been repeatedly named a “Military Friendly School” by Victory Media due to our commitment to serving our military and veteran students, making JCC a great place to start your education.

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Melissa Stormer, veterans' certifying official
Jamestown Campus/North County Center/Warren Center

John D. Hamilton Collegiate Center
Jamestown Campus, Office of the Registrar
Phone: 716.338.1018
Fax: 716.338.1472

Sharon Hodgdon, veterans’ certifying official
Cattaraugus County Campus

College Center
Cattaraugus County Campus, Financial Aid Office
Phone: 716.376.7512
Fax: 716.376.7020

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How do I receive my veterans’ benefits?

Students wishing to use their veterans’ educational benefits are required to apply with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Students may apply for their benefits by visiting and clicking on For Students to get started.

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Who is my veteran certifying official (VCO)?

Jamestown Campus, North County Center, Warren Center: Melissa Stormer
Office of the Registrar, Collegiate Center (COCE), Jamestown Campus
Phone: 716.338.1018 / Fax: 716.338.1472

Cattaraugus County Campus: Sharon Hodgdon
Financial Aid Office, College Center
Phone: 716.376.7512 / Fax: 716.376.7020

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How long will I receive veterans’ benefits?

Your entitlement period varies based on the educational program you are using. Students initially applying for education benefits typically can receive up to 36 months of benefits. This number varies based on service and whether or not the student is eligible for multiple programs. Students looking for specific details about their records should call the Department of Veterans Affairs call center at 1.888.442.4551.

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What documents do I need to bring to my VCO in order to start receiving veterans’ educational benefits?

Your VCO requires a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (received from the Department of Veterans Affairs upon application approval) and your most recent Member 4 DD-214.

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Once approved for benefits, what do I need to do to renew my veterans’ benefits for the following semesters?

You will need to submit a copy of your course schedule to your VCO every semester. It is recommended you submit a copy of your course schedule immediately after you register for your courses.

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Do I get veterans’ benefit payments during small breaks in school attendance?

Effective August 1, 2011, courtesy of the Department of Veterans Affairs: “Break or interval pay is no longer payable under any VA education benefit program unless under an Executive Order of the President or due to an emergency, such as a natural disaster or strike. This means that when your semester ends (i.e. December 15th), your housing allowance is paid for the first 15 days of December only, and begins again when your next semester begins (i.e. January 12th), and is paid for the remaining days of January. Students using other VA education programs are included in this change. Monthly benefits will be prorated in the same manner. Entitlement that previously would have been used for break pay will be available for use during a future enrollment.”

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What should I do regarding veterans' benefits if I decide to withdraw from a class or change my enrollment?

You should contact your VCO immediately. He or she will need to update your enrollment information with the Department of Veterans Affairs to prevent overpayment and subsequent debt on the veteran’s behalf.

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Can I have my monthly veterans' benefit check sent directly to my checking account?

Yes, you can set up direct deposit with the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can supply this information when completing the initial application for education benefits, or you can call the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1.888.442.4551.

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Who qualifies for VA benefits under the Vocational Rehabilitation Program (Chapter 31)?

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program is separate from the GI Bill. Eligibility is based on a service connected disability. Veterans who are looking to receive Vocational Rehabilitation benefits should view the Vocational Rehabilitation website.

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I am receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits; can I also receive federal and state financial aid?

Yes…and no. If you are eligible for 100% Post 9/11 benefits, you would be eligible for only federal financial aid such as Pell grants and student loans. If you are eligible for 40%-90% Post 9/11 benefits, you may receive federal financial aid as well as state financial aid such as TAP and/or VTA; however, your state aid and VA benefits may not exceed the cost of your tuition.

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Why is my GI Bill check less than the monthly rate?

The most common reason a check may be less than the monthly rate is that the first and last check in an enrollment period are prorated based on the number of days in the month for which you are actually enrolled. Other reasons may include a deduction for an overpayment, or reduced training time after you received your award letter. If you have questions about your check amount, please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs through the “Ask a Question” feature on their website or call 1.888.442.4551.

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What must I do if I am transferring from another institution where I previously received veterans’ educational benefits?

You will need to notify the Department of Veterans Affairs that you are changing institutions. If you are the veteran, you will fill out Form 22-1995: Change of Place/Program of Training. If you are a dependent/spouse of a veteran, you will fill out Form 22-5495: Dependent Request for Change of Program or Place of Training. These forms can be found at the Department of Veterans Affairs online application system: VONAPP.

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Can I receive GI money while attending classes during the summer?

Students can use their GI Bill during the summer semester. Enrollment is reported based on the actual dates of the courses you are attending instead of the standard summer semester (May-August). This means your status (full-time, part-time, etc.) will vary based on the length of the course you are taking.

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What happens to my benefits if I withdraw from a class or change my enrollment?

Students receiving veteran educational benefits must remain full-time in order to receive his or her full benefits. Students receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits who withdraw are subject to benefit repayment unless there are extenuating circumstances, with an appeal process between the student and the VA.