The purpose of this form is to assist in the selection of resident assistants at Jamestown Community College. Your candid evaluation of the applicant, based upon your experience with him/her is important to help us select the most qualified individuals. Thank you for your assistance with this process.

The resident assistant (RA) is responsible for a group of students on his/her residence hall floor. RAs make on-campus living enjoyable by advising students individually and in groups, providing social and educational programs, assisting in administration of each residence hall, and enforcing on-campus living policies.

OutstandingVery goodAverageBelow averageUnable to judge
Committed in support and enforcement of JCC policies
Works effectively with minimal supervision
Completes tasks correctly, thoroughly and on time
Takes initiative
Demonstrates good judgment in decision making
Creative and is able to find unique solutions to problems
Relates well with those different from himself/herself
Communicates articulately and is clear in verbal expression
Capable of initiating contact between students and staff
Inspires others and is a positive role model
Insight in the interests and needs of others
Maturity and stability
Acceptance of criticism and feedback
Reference Information
By clicking on submit, your letter of reference will be sent to the Office of Residence Life e-mail, and will remain on file for one academic year. The Office of Residence Life appreciates the time you have taken to complete this reference.
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