Jamestown Community College understands the difficulty people may experience in reporting crimes or incidents of concern to us face-to-face. As a result the college offers the Silent Witness Program to anyone who has witnessed, or knows about, a crime committed on campus. This program will provide a means for students, faculty or staff to anonymously report crimes on campus.

An individual can pull up the Silent Witness form on the JCC web page from any computer and enter information on the type of crime, location of the crime and any details. The information is then routed to the Director of Campus Wide Security who follows up with an investigation. If it is necessary, appropriate authorities will be involved.

The purpose of the program is to obtain information regarding criminal activity. It further ensures that information gathered goes to the proper law enforcement agency and nowhere else. Since it allows for anonymous reporting, it may increase the likelihood that criminal activity will be reported.

  1. The reporting form is a fill-in-the-blank format, in which the person reporting can record all known data about the criminal activity.
  2. By clicking on SUBMIT REPORT, the information goes automatically to a "blind" e-mail site which will not reveal the identity of the sending person.

Report an incident anonymously

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