BIT Team Members

Eileen Goodling 716.338.1025
Chair, Behavioral Intervention Team
VP & Dean of Student Development
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Carmella Bartimole 716.376.7560
Associate Professor/Counselor
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Susan Bronstein  716.338.1035
Executive Director of Human Resources and Campus-Wide Safety
Human Rights Officer, Title IX Coordinator
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Amy Hadley 716.338.1189
Director of Housing and Residential Life
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Dave Johnson 716.338.1002
Director, Buildings and Grounds
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Tammy Smith 716.338.1054
Assistant Dean of Student Development
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Paula Snyder 716.376.7569
Director Health Services; Human Rights Advocate, Title IX Assistant Coordinator
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Ron Turak 716.338.1065
Professor; Counselor; Coordinator
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Jesse Zeiders 716.338.1236
Assistant Professor of Human Services
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