Faculty/Staff JCC BIT Referral Form

Mission: To provide an early intervention resource for faculty and staff in order to address student behavioral issues and promote student academic success and campus safety.

Purpose: The JCC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a resource for faculty and staff to report student behaviors of concern. Its intent is to provide early support and intervention to students, but not to stigmatize them or enable profiling. In addition, it is meant to assist students to receive needed accommodations, assist with academic stressors, and to increase and enhance opportunities for student success. In some cases there may be no violation of campus rules, as such, but the behavior may evoke alarm or concern among involved persons. The team creates an approach that integrates information among offices and takes advantage of the strengths and valuable services that various departments provide.

In cases of student conduct infractions, the procedures outlined in the Student Constitution should be activated first.

Please include first and last name.
Please be as clear as possible about his/her behavior.
The JCC BIT may need to refer to campus resources outside of the team. May you be identified as the referral source?
Disclaimer: Counseling staff members may receive information about students without students' knowledge or permission. According to law and professional ethics, for counseling staff members to disclose any information about students does require students' knowledge and written permission. Students have the right to withhold permission for release of information or only give permission for the release of selected information about their situation.