2015-2016 Student Senate Members (Jamestown and North County)


Connor Aitcheson headshot

Connor Aitcheson, President

I joined Student Senate because it poses great opportunities to be an active part of the school community...[Read more]

Alyssa Huntington headshot

Alyssa Huntington, Vice President

I joined Senate because it's a good opportunity to help students communicate...[Read more]

Skyler Gore headshot

Skyler Gore, Freshman


Cody Austin headshot

Cody Austin, Student Trustee

I joined Student Senate so I can help give back to the college that has given me so many opportunities...[Read more]


Courtney Aldrich headshot

Courtney Aldrich, Senator

Christina Aviles headshot

Christina Aviles, Senator 

I joined Senate to obtain leadership experience to help me further my skills and abilities and prepare myself to transfer to a university setting...[Read more]

Emily Brown headshot

Emily Brown, Senator

Shantia Chavis-Smith headshot

Shantia Chavis-Smith, Senator

Matthew Denton headshot

Matthew Denton, Senator

I joined Student Senate because I like to help out and I wanted to be a part of a group that makes a difference...[Read more]

Mackenzie James headshot

Mackenzie James, Senator

Kassie Kum headshot

Kassandra Kum, Senator

I wanted to be involved in Student Senate to strengthen my leadership skills, communication skills, project management techniques, and my interpersonal skills...[Read more]


Linda DeJoseph profile shot

Linda DeJoseph
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I am a counselor and instructor on the Jamestown Campus of Jamestown Community College. I love working at the institution where I started my own academic journey. I enjoy helping students get on course to reach their college and career goals...[Read more]

Kimberly Irland headshot

Kimberly Irland
Director of Campus Life
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I'm the director of Campus Life for the Jamestown Campus and North County Center and an advisor to Student Senate. I'm originally from Duluth, MN. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and husband, craft projects, and outdoor recreation... [Read more]