Student Senate

Free Hugs campaign with student senate membersThe officially recognized student governing body of Jamestown Community College is the Student Senate. The Student Senate is elected through general student elections on the Jamestown Campus, and by petition on the Cattaraugus Campus and meets regularly throughout the entire school year. Leadership skills are developed and enhanced throughout the entire school year through meetings, social functions, volunteer experiences, and leadership excursions.

The Student Senate represents the student body and the community through student publications, newspapers and other means of public communication. Student Senate has a direct voice in all student affairs and many college activities. Student Senate operates on budgets allocated by the Faculty Student Association. It is the responsibility of the Senate to charter clubs and organizations, and may, in turn, allocate funds to student clubs which present appropriate budget requests. They also serve as an advisory board to the president of the college, bringing matters of student concern to his/her attention and making recommendations which they believe will aid the college in meeting its commitment to students. 

For more information on Student Senate, please refer to the Student Constitution.

Get Involved

If you are interested in serving on the Student Senate on the Jamestown Campus or the North County Center, please complete the Jamestown Campus/North County Center Candidate Petition and return it to Kayla Crosby, director of Campus Life on the Jamestown Campus and North County Center.

If you are interested in serving on the Student Senate on the Cattaraugus County Campus, please complete the Cattaraugus County Campus Candidate Petition and return it to Lisa Yohon, director of Campus Life on the Cattaraugus County Campus.

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