Get Involved!

Stay connected during your time at Jamestown Community College and join a club or organization. JCC has a variety of chartered clubs and organizations for students to experience including but not limited to academic, cultural, recreational, special interest, professional, and honor societies. Joining a student club lets you explore your interests, meet people, and develop valuable leadership and organizational skills. These skills will help connect your college experience to a career with great resume boosters! Each club is chartered through Student Senate and is open to all students and FSA members.

Your college experience is what you make it. Statistics show the more involved you are in your campus, the more successful you will be as a student! So get involved, try something new, and transform your college experience!


For more information on joining or starting a club or organization, please contact:

Cattaraugus County Campus:
Lisa Yohon, Director of Campus Life
Office: College Senate Room 157

Jamestown Campus and North County Extension Center:
Kayla Crosby, Director of Campus Life
Office: COCE Student Union

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