Personal Counseling

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How often have you heard, “College is the time of your life!”? While this may be true for some students, college can also be overwhelming. If you feel like things are getting more difficult to manage and want someone to talk to about your concerns, consider making an appointment with a JCC counselor. We can help you to identify the area of concern, provide you with related education and information, suggest techniques to help you, and if appropriate, help you find services in the community to meet your individual needs.

What is personal counseling?

Personal counseling is:

  • A positive step to help you resolve a problem.
  • An educational opportunity to learn and understand yourself more fully as an individual.
  • An opportunity to eliminate barriers that may be interfering with your success at JCC.
Important questions

Why would I need counseling?

College life can be very rewarding, but also stressful. There are often many life stressors that college students encounter (e.g., moving, change in financial situation, new found independence, balancing demands of parenting/school/work). If you are beginning to feel stressed or overwhelmed, make an appointment to talk with a counselor.

How can a counselor help me?

Counselors are trained to assist students in identifying, understanding, and developing skills to solve your personal problems. One of the major goals is to provide you with skills so that you are more capable of solving future problems on your own.

What if I'm in crisis?

The Counseling and Career Center is prepared to assist students who are in crisis (e.g., suicidal thoughts, anger management problems). However, the counselors are not available 24 hours per day. As such, if there is a crisis during off hours, we recommend that you call the local crisis line (1.800.724.0461) or go to a local emergency room.

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