Honors Courses & Contract

About honors coursework

Honors courses provide additional challenges, emphasize writing and critical thinking skills, and give you the chance to explore topics in greater depth. JCC honors courses will allow you to network with leaders and professionals on campus and in the community. Additionally, the courses will provide opportunities to work one-on-one with professors and build mentoring relationships.

To earn JCC’s honors citation, you must successfully complete:

  • one three-credit hour honors symposium course
  • two one-credit hour project-based honors courses

The honors program sets the requirements for earning the honors citation and coordinates the agreement between faculty members and students. The instructor for each course determines the individual student’s grade.

If you are a faculty member who has agreed to work with an honors student to complete a project-based course, please select the link listed under your division to fill out the required e-contract and begin the process.

Fall 2021 honors courses

Honors Symposium course

The honors symposium is a three-credit course designed to inspire you to approach global topics from diverse perspectives. You will have the opportunity to delve into intriguing discussion and participate in an environment that fosters curiosity and academic exploration.

Waste & Want – Global Food Systems: 3812 - ANT 7515 - 3 credit hours - Bessette, S. - LE - 8/23 to 12/17 - Asynchronous Online

Few of us think about how food is produced, where in the world it comes from, or how it must travel to get to us. This course helps students understand social, political, and economic processes such as colonization, industrialization, and corporatization, and how they laid the foundation for the current global food system. Students will also engage with ongoing, contemporary concerns such as the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food waste, labor practices, food aid, and how race, class, gender, and nationality impact our experience of food systems. Throughout the course, we’ll look at how people resist and reshape food systems, and how we can find alternatives that do more to protect people and the environment.
Upcoming Spring 2022 symposium course will be Sustainability: Visions for the Future.

Students will examine the issue of global sustainability from diverse perspectives, including but not limited to historical, ethical, scientific, and economical. Students will gain an understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations, societies attempting to promote sustainable efforts, and actions that contradict said efforts. The course concludes with an analysis of current sustainable efforts in a chosen community, with students working in interdisciplinary teams to research and improve upon one shortcoming in their location.

Honors project-based courses

To earn the honors citation, you are required to successfully complete two one-credit, project-based honors courses which are related to courses in which you are currently enrolled or have recently completed. Each project must include some form of applied learning: fieldwork, internship, service learning, innovative/ creative project, and/or undergraduate research. After registering, you will be guided by the honors program coordinator and your advisor to identify a course to which to link your project.  You’ll then work directly with a faculty member to design a project that fits your interests and goals. Your project-based courses will help you develop and practice organizational  and time-management skills.

Each project-based honors course must include:

  • 45 hours of applied learning (such as fieldwork, internship, service learning, innovative/creative project, and/or undergraduate research)
  • An 8-10 page researched essay
  • A public presentation/demonstration of the project (may take place within a campus or community setting and may include Scholars Day presentations

HONORS Project I: 3799 - INT 2015 - 1 credit hour - Cooper, L.

HONORS Project II: 3800 - INT 2515 - 1 credit hour - Cooper, L.

Students and instructors are advised to complete learning contracts for spring semester project-based courses by September 23, 2021.

For more information, contact Lisa Cooper, honors program coordinator, at honors@mail.sunyjcc.edu or 716.338.1243.