Developmental Studies Program

One-semester program to boost academic success

The Developmental Studies program at Jamestown Community College offers support alongside your major coursework to help you achieve academic success. JCC uses a number of measures to determine if students will benefit from the added support of the Developmental Studies program. You may be placed into this program based on your high school grades, standardized test scores, or other measures.

Developmental Studies support courses complement courses in your chosen major, and improve and apply your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. You will also take a student development course, where you’ll develop strategies for both personal and academic success.

Timeline & courses

The Developmental Studies program is for one semester. Depending on your placement, you will take developmental courses in math, reading, writing, and student development.

Your schedule may also have courses in your major and electives, depending on prerequisites and English or math requirements. You will work with your advisor to build your schedule.

If you’re a student athlete, be sure to let your advisor know so that your schedule doesn’t conflict with your sports activities.

Placement in the program

You may be placed in the Developmental Studies program as a result of placement criteria including high school GPA, standardized testing, and certain other indicators of your college readiness. These indicate that you will benefit from support in reading, writing, or math to foster your success in college-level courses and the full college experience.

The Developmental Studies program is required if you are placed. For courses, JCC placement testing in math is required unless you have an exemption.

Financial aid

You are eligible for financial aid when you’re in the Developmental Studies program. The program is designed with college-level courses built in, such as the Inquire course, which is required for all full-time freshmen students, and Making Positive Choices.

Accessibility & assistive technology

Connect with Accessibility Services to request and arrange accommodations or assistive technology.

What do our students say?

"It [this program] is a confidence builder. You will learn a lot about yourself."

"It really helped me achieve many different things and to be confident in myself and what I am going to become. It also preps you for your next semester classes that you will be taking."

"This semester has taught me many life lessons and I have created a good bond with the other students in my classes. This was a great program and changed me a lot."

"This program helped me to build confidence in myself, that I could be successful in college."