The program focuses on courses in the liberal arts and physical education theory and activity with an emphasis on health awareness, sportsmanship, and professionalism. Students will graduate from the program with a specific knowledge base and experiences in the areas of movement, sport/athletics, recreation, and the life sciences. Individual and dual sports, fitness and conditioning, team sports, recreation, and health are among the areas that will be studied.

Career Opportunities

Employment projections for western New York and western Pennsylvania indicate an increased need for physical education, health, and coaching positions. Similar projections for New York state, based on information from schools, colleges, universities, and private sector businesses, also suggest the need for more wellness, fitness, and recreation instructors as increasing numbers of baby boomers approach retirement.

Career and Transfer Options

The program provides a strong foundation for a variety of career and transfer options, including:

  • Physical education
  • Coaching certification
  • Personal training
  • Sports medicine
  • Health education
  • Athletic training
  • Exercise physiology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sports management and administration
  • Recreation and intramural administration
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Minimum program credit hours: 60

Program Codes
Degree Option
Associate in Science Degree
Hegis Code
Curriculum Code
General Requirements
33 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
ENG 1530: English Composition II3 BCOM H CENG
ENG 1540: Writing About Literature3 HUMA H CWRT, VEDP
Social Sciences Electives

Up to 9 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific.

9 (X-X-X) S
Mathematics Electives (college level)3 MATH N CMAT
Sciences Electives

CSC courses may be applied, up to 3 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific.

Core Requirements
12 credit hours Degree Requirements Met
PHE 1670: Introduction to Physical Education3 VEDP
Any additional PHE course beyond the Core Requirements9
15 credit hours Degree Requirements Met

Up to 9 credits may need to be SUNY General Education-category specific.

15 (X) (X)
Important Points
  • Requirements for bachelor’s degrees in this field vary widely. Selection of electives should be made in close consultation with an advisor and should be based on student career specialization and transfer college requirements.
Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Classify anatomical and/or physiological terms correctly when describing the human body.
  2. Recognize the elements/benefits of sound nutrition and a healthy diet.
  3. Apply first aid and CPR and describe specific methods to prevent, recognize, and treat common injuries.

Transfer Agreements

Our courses and programs are designed to give you a strong foundation in your area of study. But we know that for many of you, your time at JCC is just the first step in your educational journey. And when it's time for you to take your next step, that strong foundation, coupled with the wide variety of transfer agreements we maintain with several top colleges and universities, will help make your transfer process as smooth as possible. Learn More
It is important when planning your transfer to talk with your advisor about the specifics of each four-year college or university. 

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