Dr. Meghan Y. McCune

Dr. Meghan Y. McCune
Joined JCC
Social Sciences & Business
Primary Campus
Cattaraugus County Campus
225 TECH
Phone Number
Co-Director, Social Sciences; Coordinator, Anthropology, History, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology; Associate Professor, Anthropology/Sociology; Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa
Degree Field of Study Institution
Ph.D. Anthropology Michigan State University
M.A. Anthropology Michigan State University
B.A. Anthropology and Sociology Wells College
Courses Taught
ANT 1510: Human Evolution and Prehistory
ANT 1520: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 1530: Comparative Religion
ANT 2510: Peoples and Cultures of the Americas
ANT 2520: Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANT 2590: Sex, Sexuality, and Gender
SOC 1510: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2510: Marriage and the Family
SOC 2520: Social Problems
SOC 2540: Deviant Behavior
SOC 2580: Minorities in American Society
SOC 2590: Sex, Sexuality, and Gender
Academic Interests
  • Indigenous sovereignty, specifically Haudenosaunee land rights and economic development
  • Federal policy and Indian law
  • Legal anthropology
  • Whiteness, social class, and intersectionality
  • Discourse analysis


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