Library Gifts & Donations

Gifts & Donations

The JCC Libraries welcome donations that fall within the scope of our collection development activities and which support the needs of the College's academic programs. Donations may be directed to support a particular library program or collection area or may be given to support the library's most immediate needs.

When appropriate, a bookplate will be placed in each book purchased, detailing who donated the volume and the name of the person honored/memorialized or the occasion honored. The Library will send a letter to the honoree(s) or to the family of the person memorialized, informing them of the donation, with an acknowledgement card sent to the donor.

If you are interested in making a donation to the JCC Libraries, please contact Cynthia Horton McKane (716.338.1126).

When donating materials to the JCC Libraries consider the following:

  • Gifts of books and materials which meet the library‚Äôs selection criteria will be accepted.
  • All materials accepted become the property of the library without restrictions by the donor.
  • Gifts which prove to be duplicates or inappropriate for the collection may be handled by the library by exchange, resale, donation, or discard.
  • Textbooks, condensed books, and worn paperbacks are not accepted.
  • The library will not appraise gift materials for tax purposes.
  • Gifts or money to purchase library material will be given proper recognition.