Faces of JCC

Meet our students and alumni

Giovanna Accordino
Giovanna Accordino '16

Giovanna, a Liberal Arts/Humanities major, is on her way to studying musical theatre and dance at a four-year college. She has a passion for performing and desires a career in theater and teaching.

As a member of The Uncommoners at JCC, Giovanna performed in Les Miserables, All My Sons, and South Pacific.

“You get a lot more opportunities here at JCC, because there’s not a lot of competition like when you’re competing against juniors and seniors at a four-year school,” she said. “When I’m auditioning for musicals and plays here, I have a better chance of getting in because I’m not competing against upperclassmen. That gives me more experience on the stage.”

Kirk Allen
Kirk Allen '16

Kirk, thanks to veteran benefits, started his college education at JCC after serving in the Navy. He found faculty, staff, and fellow students to be welcoming during his time on campus.

Jesse Champlin
Jesse Champlin '16

Jesse, an Individual Studies major, is active in Students for Environmental Awareness, Psychology Club, and Student Senate. He is also a peer mentor and a tutor at The Learning Center. His experiences at JCC have given him the confidence to pursue big goals.

"I am hoping to transfer to St. Bonaventure into the chemistry program to obtain a B.A. and then to enter the secondary education program for my master's in chemistry and math," he said.

Layla Crabtree
Layla Crabtree '17

Layla is a double major in Individual Studies and Environmental Science. She is also secretary for college's Earth Awareness Club and student worker at the campus library.

Matthew Denton
Matthew Denton '16

Matthew earned a degree in welding from JCC. From suburban Rochester, NY, he enjoyed the full college experience at JCC, living in the residence halls, and serving on the Student Senate and Campus Activities Board.

Nicole Ewer
Nicole Ewer '16

Nicole is an Individual Studies major from Sugar Grove, Pa. She is president of the International Club, a student ambassador, and a member of the Spanish Club and Phi Theta Kappa.

She chose JCC because “I knew that I would receive the same or better quality education and experience offered at the big-name universities I had visited. JCC has proven to be a great starting point in my journey of higher education because I have had the ability to adjust to the college life by living at home. I have also had the flexibility to take affordable, challenging courses in my degree path that will transfer to my next institution.”

Nicole plans to transfer to a 4-year SUNY college to complete a Bachelor’s in Adolescent Spanish Education.

“My experience here at JCC has helped transform me into the responsible and successful person I wanted to become when I began my college career. I have been provided opportunities for leadership and ambassadorship through my involvement in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as well as the ability to start a club that reflects my interest and desire to help International students. Besides my role as a Student Ambassador on campus, JCC gave me the opportunity to spread my ambassadorship across borders. During the summer of 2015, I completed a two-credit international internship teaching English in Valladolid, Spain through JCC’s International Internship program. I can proudly say that JCC has helped transform me into the responsible and confident leader that I am today.”

Nick Hlifka
Nick Hlifka '16

Nick was a Math and Science major, member of the Impact at JCC Christian group on campus, and an intern with the athletics department. He plans to one day earn a master’s degree and work in ministry as a pastor or counselor.

"I was thinking about a degree in meteorology," Nick said. "I changed over my course of time here, just because of exposure to different people and different courses. I think Jamestown Community College really opened my eyes to different career paths I never had thought about before."

Rakim Lesane
Rakim Lesane '16

Rakim is a General Studies major from New York City and a member of the men's basketball team. He has aspirations of studying accounting and playing basketball at a 4-year college after his days at JCC.

"I love math and would love to get a job in that field," he said. "I really like how all the teachers and counselors help you at JCC. This is a place where you can come, complete your studies, socialize well, and do everything to the best of your ability."

Cesar Malo
Cesar Malo

Cesar came to JCC all the way from Mexico City to improve his English language skills and begin a business education.

Madison McLachlan
Madison McLachlan '17

Maddy came to JCC from Australia to study communications and play for the women's soccer team. She has aspirations for a career in journalism in her home country.

Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore

Michelle came to JCC to pursue a career in respiratory care.

Raoudha Msaddak
Raoudha Msaddak '16

Raoudha came to JCC all the way from Tunisia to study Machine Tool Technology. She has returned home to pursue a career in civil engineering. While at JCC, she was a dean's list student and member of the International Club.

"My experiences at JCC improved my abilities to face problems and solve them," Raoudha said. "Also, it helped transform me into the successful, ambitious, and responsible person I always wanted to be. JCC is a great starting point for all students, especially internationals because it provides all the support you need as a foreigner. I am proud to say that JCC enhanced my thoughts toward the future and supported my goals.”

Nefrettiti Ramos
Nefrettiti Ramos '17

Nefrettiti, an Occupational Therapy Assistant, came to JCC after earning CNA certification from Cassadaga Job Corps.

"I like helping people," she said. "The older members of my family often need help with physical therapy, and they will call me. I want to become part of a rescue team. I want to be a paramedic. I want to be a part of the medical field. Here at JCC there are a lot of opportunities."

Christina Slocum
Christina Slocum '16

Christina earned a degree Psychology from the Cattaraugus County Campus. While at JCC she was a student worker in the financial aid office and member of the Student Senate, Psychology Club, and Students for Environmental Awareness.

“I am becoming more of a leader," she said before graduating. "I now have a lot more confidence and people skills than I ever had before. JCC is changing my life and my daughter’s life for the better. I plan to attend St. Bonaventure and get my bachelor’s degree in psychology then continue on to get my PhD in clinical psychology.”

Allene Spearbeck
Allene Spearbeck '15

Allene started her JCC journey after raising her family and grandson. An active member of the campus community, she was on the dean's list every semester and student representative on the college's board of trustees. Allene is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Courtney Spencer
Courtney Spencer '16

Courtney, in spite of being wheel chair-bound, earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from JCC. The college's Learning Center "helped me with technology and adaptive equipment aspects, and the testing accommodations so I can successfully take classes."

While at JCC, Courtney participated in many field experiences and internships, which, she said, "taught me to multi-task and manage children in large groups, and how to set up lessons and develop them for appropriate ages. It just has given me a better idea of what it's going to be like out in the field working."

Ala Eddine Bahri
Ala Eddine Bahri '17

Ala came to Jamestown Community College student from Tunisia. He is an artist and one of the top graffiti artists in his country. Ala studied computer edit design at SUNY JCC.

Monica Rosen
Monica Rosen '17

Monica studied in Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program at Jamestown Community College. She loves working with children and has been inspired by her professors to pursue a career in occupational therapy.

Kashauna Learn
Kashauna Learn

Kashauna enjoys being a role model to young children. Her experiences at Jamestown Community College are preparing her to become a Child Life Specialist in a hospital setting.

Andrew Hvizdzak
Andrew Hvizdzak '17

Andrew was an Engineering Science student at Jamestown Community College, a tutor on campus, and a recipient of the USA Scholarship.

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