We’re here to help with JCC marketing

Jamestown Community College’s marketing department increases awareness of JCC’s programs, events, and services through creative design, community relations, social media, and the web.

Check out the tools and resources that we have available to help you with your brand-related needs. We also have a project request system for creative design, community relations, social media, and web.

The JCC brand

Come as you are. Leave as you want to be.

When we represent JCC, we want to connect with our audience as a friend and mentor. The voice of JCC is our brand personality: trustworthy, authentic, passionate, and community oriented.

How to submit a request

Submit a request online to start project for creative design, community relations, social media, or web. We will be in touch to let you know the status of your project. Expect 2-4 weeks return time on requests.

The system ensures that all marketing team members are aware of the status of each project. Emailing is not an effective or preferred method of communication for project requests.

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Contact Marketing

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What does creative design include?

Creative design includes direct mail, posters, flyers, banners, and signage. You can fill out a request for Marketing to help, or you can check out the brand templates.

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Who updates the website?

Marketing maintains the Jamestown Community College website. You can fill out a request if you need an update.

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How can I promote my program/news/event?

You can complete a request for press releases, social media promotion, events calendar, and paid campaigns.

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How do I create a social media account?

You can schedule a meeting with the social media specialist to discuss the creation of an official account that will be listed in our directory.