Facilities Reservations

Facility reservations for JCC employees

For the most up-to-date listing of meetings and events held on JCC campuses, go online to JCC’s Virtual Event Management System.

Meetings not requiring room setup or food

Jamestown Campus & North County Center:

Cattaraugus County Campus:

Meetings/events with food or special setups (three weeks notice required)

Email completed reservation form to appropriate campus. If you need assistance completing the form, contact:

  • Jamestown Campus: JamestownReservations@mail.sunyjcc.edu | 716.338.1002 #2
  • Cattaraugus County Campus: OleanReservations@mail.sunyjcc.edu | 716.376.7509
  • North County Center: DunkirkReservations@mail.sunyjcc.edu | 716.363.6500

JCC makes every effort to accommodate requests with less than 24-hour notice; however, equipment and/or staff may not be available to accommodate last minute requests. JCC will determine if the request can be accomplished and direct necessary staff and resources accordingly.

Planning your event

Any individual or group interested in serving alcohol on college property must complete an application stating type of event, the type of alcohol expected to be served, i.e., beer, wine, and/or liquor, and an agreement to assume all responsibility for verifying the age of persons consuming alcohol.

The application requesting permission to serve alcohol on college property will be forwarded to the vice president of administration for approval.  Consumption of alcohol without permission from the vice president of administration is forbidden.

Permission to serve alcohol on college property will not be granted for events in which there will be a preponderance of attendees under age 21.

Permission will require that the person(s) serving alcohol will be responsible for checking proof of age and shall have the right to refuse serving alcohol to any individual who appears to be intoxicated.

Bartenders may be required for any function serving alcohol at the discretion of the vice president of administration.

Non-alcoholic beverages shall be provided at all events at which alcohol is served.

Sale of any alcoholic beverages on campus must be accompanied by a New York State permit to sell alcohol.

Any non-affiliated group or individual requesting the sale or distribution of alcohol on campus will be required to carry the necessary permits, liability insurance coverage, and to name Jamestown Community College as additional insured.

Jamestown Campus

As part of JCC’s partnership agreement with Personal Touch Food Service (PTFS), JCC has agreed to allow PTFS right of first refusal for all catering opportunities that are $100 or more. This would include outside groups who use JCC and RTPI facilities. Please contact JCC’s catering service chef manager Maura Feeley at 716.338.1420 or send an email to JamestownCatering@mail.sunyjcc.edu to talk about your catering needs for your event.

Cattaraugus County Campus

As part of JCC’s contractual agreement with Whispering Mountain, LLC to operate our food service at the Cattaraugus County Campus, Whispering Mountain, LLC has the right of first refusal on all opportunities requiring food, beverages, refreshments, etc. of any kind (over $75.00) that are booked by internal and external organizations on the Cattaraugus County Campus of JCC. This also covers items intended to be purchased and brought to campus and/or provided by client/employee independently. Please contact Judy Mikolajczyk at 716.307.2808 (cell) or 716.376.7536 (office) or send an email to OleanCatering@mail.sunyjcc.edu to request a quote. A response can be expected in two business days.

  • Most of JCC’s rooms are equipped with a computer, projector/screen, or TV monitor, and your username and password will work in these rooms as it does in your office.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the technology in the room, training is available prior to the event by contacting AVGroup@mail.sunyjcc.edu.
  • The Technology department does not have staff available to load your PowerPoints or run the technology at your meetings/events.
  • Requests for support outside of business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F) require at least three weeks advance notice and may require overtime charges.
  • JCC does not have an open-access wifi system. If you have meeting attendees needing wifi, please request a temporary account at JCCHelpdesk@mail.sunyjcc.edu.
  • If using an Apple or personal laptop for presentations, please provide all necessary cables, adaptors, and connectors.

Any applicant erecting a canopy or tent 200 sq. feet or larger on the JCC Cattaraugus County Campus must obtain all clearances and permits from the City of Olean Office of Code Enforcement. Information can be found on the City of Olean Dept. of Buildings and Code Enforcement website or by calling 716.376.5684.  

JCC is tobacco-free. Smoking, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and vaping and are prohibited on all college-owned property including parking lots and residence halls.