Cody Austin

Residence Director, Hillside Suites North

My name is Cody Austin and I serve as the residence director of Hillside Suites North. I am an alumnus of JCC and during my time here, I was the student trustee, an honors program student, and a peer mentor. More recently, I graduated from SUNY Geneseo where I was on the rowing team, the pre-law academic fraternity, and the English honors society. After graduating, I worked in Rochester at the law firm Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP. I’m passionate about political advocacy and animal rights. I achieve this through writing articles, having healthy discussions, and debate. I’m always looking to learn more, and currently my focus is on improving my knowledge on geopolitics and economics. I also dabble in literature and philosophy.

I’m very excited to be back at JCC while preparing for graduate school! During my time here, I hope to foster an environment conducive to learning. I’m really looking forward to working and learning with everyone this year! I’m hoping I can contribute substantively to the programs and the clubs available. Additionally, I hope to become involved in political advocacy efforts, both on campus and in the surrounding Jamestown area. The most crucial principle to me is working to improve the well-being of as many living beings as possible, and JCC provides an excellent conduit for channeling those efforts.. My favorite aspect of my job is working with the students to augment the quality of their living experience here on campus.