Counseling & Career Center Staff

Counseling staff at JCC

Tammy Smith, Director of the Counseling and Career Center | 716.338.1054

Tammy Smith headshot

Jamestown Campus

Wendy Burns, Senior Student Services Assistant | 716.338.1065

Wendy Burns headshot

Jamie Coccarelli, Counselor | 716.338.1064

Jamie Coccarelli headshot

Colette Haight, Coordinator, Academic Advising; Counselor; Assistant Professor | 716.338.1065

Colette Haight headshot

Cattaraugus County Campus

Tammy Skroback, Student Services Assistant | 716.376.7559

Tammy Skroback

North County Center

Morgan Franchina, Counselor | 716.363.6528

Morgan Franchina headshot

Tracey Spinuzza, Counselor | 716.363.6527

Tracey Spinuzza