Apply for Scholars Day

How to participate in Scholars Day

In order to participate in Jamestown Community College’s annual Scholars Day, you have to be a currently enrolled JCC student. You will also need to have a faculty member endorse your project.

  1. Find your faculty mentor: Connect with a faculty member to oversee your Scholars Day project.
  2. Apply: Fill out the application form and write a brief abstract for your project. You will be notified if your application has been approved. If approved, you will make a presentation to demonstrate your project.
  3. Make your presentation: Your video presentation should be 5-7 minutes long. Your faculty mentor must review your presentation, and email Annie Chartrand with their approval.

Application due dates

  • Scholars Day 2022 deadlines have passed.

One person per application will receive email confirmation that their application has been received. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All students in any discipline are invited to apply.

Presenters must develop a presentation accompanied by a speech, along with an updated project description of 200-350 words.