Computer Accounts & Network Use

Your student accounts & logins at JCC

As a student at Jamestown Community College, you'll use Banner and MyJCC for many college resources. In Banner, you can add and drop classes; access your schedule, grades, and financial aid; and update your contact information. Your MyJCC login lets you access Blackboard, Degree Works, JCC gmail, library databases, LinkedIn Learning, Starfish, and wifi on campus.

Log into Banner

  1. Go to
  2. Select Banner button
  3. Select Enter Secure Area
  4. Enter your User ID (or your username) - your social security number or J# (starts with J00…) will also work in the User ID field
  5. Enter your PIN (password)
    1. New students: The first time you log in, use your birth date in MMDDYY format (ex. 012490).
    2. Current students: If you forgot your password, enter your social security number in the User ID field and select Forgot PIN. If you have a security question set up, answer it and reset your PIN. If you can’t remember the answer or you don’t have a security question set up, call the Registrar’s Office at 716.338.1018. The Registrar’s Office is the only office that can change your Banner PIN.

Not sure what your User ID and PIN are? Go to and follow the prompts. Your username and PIN will then be emailed to you.

  • View your financial aid status, student bill, and information on payments and refunds
  • Sign your Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) after registering for classes each semester
  • View and/or change your personal information (contact information, address, etc.)
  • View your official school records (grades, transcripts, placement tests, class schedules, etc.)
  • Make changes to your semester schedule online (after receiving a drop/add PIN from an advisor)
  • Update your contact preferences for JCC ALERT emergency alert system
  • Enrollment verification in Banner

Log into MyJCC

  1. Go to
  2. Select Google Account/Email button
  3. Enter your username (i.e. smithab01) - if you don't know your username, request username
  4. Enter your password
    1. New students: Your initial password is your birth date in MMDDYY format (ex. 012490).
    2. Current students: If you forgot your password, select the Forgot Password? link. To change your password, select Change your MyJCC password and follow the prompts.
  • Blackboard: Some of your instructors use Blackboard to share course materials and communicate with you. Online coursework is also conducted through Blackboard.
  • Degree Works: Degree Works lets you track your degree progress by showing you which courses you have completed and which courses you still need to take for graduation. You can also view how your courses would fit into another program if you decide to change your major.
  • JCC gmail: Every student has a JCC gmail account. This is the official way JCC communicates with you, so be sure to check it regularly.
  • Library databases: Research with JCC’s library catalogs and collections of print and online publications.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Learn a new skill through LinkedIn Learning’s video tutorials.
  • Starfish: Starfish helps you find instructor office hours, schedule advisement appointments, and connect with student services.
  • Wifi on campus: Make sure your laptop or desktop has a wireless card, and that wifi is enabled on your device and you can see the JCC wireless network.
    • Enter a web address in your browser and you will be redirected to the JCC wireless login page.
    • Enter your MyJCC username and password.
    • Read and agree to the JCC wireless computer use policies.

More information

  • Several events can prevent you from accessing the wireless network for 24 hours, such as illegal sharing of music, video, or files; a virus on your computer; hacking, flooding, or attacking the network; attempting to set up your PC as an access point; and/or violating JCC's acceptable use policy.
  • JCC’s acceptable use policy outlines the regulations that are in force for all network users. By signing into your account, you agree to abide by the regulations outlined. Violations of the policy are handled through the college’s procedures for academic integrity and/or student misconduct.
  • Copying software from any JCC computer system is illegal. Software is protected by the federal copyright law and violation can result in criminal charges and college disciplinary action.
  • JCC forbids illegal file-sharing, as documented in the peer-to-peer file sharing policy. Violation of copyright is a federal offense. Using a computer to copy or store any copyrighted material (text, images, music, movies, computer programs, etc.) is a violation of state and federal law, and leaves you liable, on conviction, to heavy fines and possibly imprisonment. JCC abides by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • JCC provides Microsoft Office to every student free of charge, including full Office productivity suite with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more available for offline and online use. Go to and sign in with your JCC student email and password.
  • You can also check out more student discounts, including computer hardware and software.