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Housing on the Jamestown Campus: Hillside Suites

Located on the hillside of the Jamestown Campus, the Hillside Suites are apartment-style housing with four or five private, fully furnished bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area, and two full bathrooms. Wifi, cable, utilities, parking, and laundry facilities are included.

Living on campus lets you experience college in a way that can change your life. You’ll make friends from the area and from around the world. You can walk to your classes and keep a car on campus for when you want to explore. Join us for game nights, open mic, Jayhawk parties, off campus events, and more. You’ll experience the independence of living on your own, but still have the support of your residence hall directors and student leaders.

Cost & ways to save for 2020-21

1st year resident

  • Single room: $3,980 per semester ($7,960 per year)*

*Rates are subject to change.

2nd year resident

  • Single room: $3,865 per semester ($7,730 per year)

Live on campus and we'll give you five meals a week at no extra cost. That's a value of $700 each semester. We'll also throw in $75 J Dollars, which can be used for beverages, snacks, and food items at all campus stores.

  • Included: 5 meals/week + $75 J Dollars*
  • Upgrade option #1: 10 meals/week + $125 J Dollars + 3 Feed a Friend meals*
  • Upgrade option #2: 15 meals/week + $175 J Dollars + 5 Feed a Friend meals*

Learn more about meal plans »

*Rates are subject to change.

 If you're a New York state resident, you can save $1,000 on your housing costs when you live on campus at JCC. Find out if you're eligible!

Learn more about the Live Where You Learn Scholarship »

If you live outside of New York state, you can now go to JCC for the in-state cost when you live on campus. That is a savings of $5,000 a year.

Learn more about the Out-of-State Tuition Grant »

Do I need to submit my health insurance and immunizations records to apply? While it is encouraged, you can submit your housing application and/or deposit prior to submitting your health insurance information and immunization records. You can submit a copy of your insurance card to the Office of Residence Life, which must be received prior to moving in. Immunizations records must be received by the Health Center prior to the start of your first semester.

What if I didn’t get an acceptance letter for the residence halls? No worries! You don’t need one. After you submit your housing application and $200 housing deposit, you will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life with more information regarding the housing process.

What is suite/apartment style living? JCC offers apartment style living, which features a suite of four to five students, two bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area, and a living room all contained in one apartment.

How are room assignments made? Housing assignments are made on a first come, first served basis based on the date that the $200 housing deposit is made to the Faculty Student Association. The director of Residence Life will then use your suitemate survey results to pair you with suitemates of similar interests. Suitemates can be requested through the suitemate survey.

What staff manages each residence hall? Each building has a residence director (RD), who is a professional live-in staff member. Each RD then oversees a staff of three resident assistants (RAs) who are student leaders. Each RA is assigned to oversee a floor of their residence hall.

What size are the mattresses in the bedrooms? Mattresses are twin XL (extra long) that measure 36 x 80 inches.

May I bring a microwave, coffee maker, or mini-fridge? Microwaves and coffee makers are permitted within the kitchen areas, not individual bedrooms. Since each suite has a full size refrigerator, it is not necessary to bring a mini-fridge. If you opt to bring a mini-fridge, it can be kept in your bedroom but must not exceed 4.5 cubic feet. Check out our packing list for more ideas.

What am I allowed to bring for a pet? Fish are the only acceptable pets allowed in the residence halls and must be in a tank that is less than five gallons. Should you have requests for emotional support animals (ESAs), contact the director of Residence Life and the Office of Accessibility Services.

Can I have a car on campus? Yes, all students can have a car on campus. Please be sure to register your car with the Residence Life office.