Credit Course Schedules

Philosophy - Spring 2020

Intro to Philosophy — 3806
PHL 1510 – 3 credits
Siby Thomas

Students will gain an understanding of the Western philosophical tradition and the influences of philosophical thinking. Students are introduced to major areas of philosophy and explore the relationships between concepts in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, social philosophy, and aesthetics. Prerequisite: ENG 1510. J fall, spring; C occasionally. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

College Center 227
Jan 13 – May 14 Mon, Wed 10:00 am – 10:50 am
Contemporary Moral Problems — 3688
PHL 2630 – 3 credits

Students will analyze and acquire an understanding of contemporary moral issues and problems. Students will learn how moral problems are approached differently by diverse ethical perspectives such as utilitarianism and deontological theorists. Students will develop a coherent moral point of view which they will use to approach issues such as privacy, abortion, suicide, euthanasia, war, civil disobedience, and pornography. Prerequisite: ENG 1530. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus