Credit Course Schedules

Music - Spring 2020

Historical Survey- Rock & Roll — 3436
MUS 1530 – 3 credits
Neil Flory

Students will study the roots and development of Rock/Soul/Pop music from its earliest manifestations to the current state of pop music. Through readings, lectures, listening to musical examples, and video footage, they will experience the birth and development of this genre of musical expression, which has been the dominant musical form in the U.S. since the 1950s. No requisites. J spring. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

North County Training Center 123
Jan 14 – May 14 Tue, Thu 2:40 pm – 3:55 pm
Applied Mus-Private Lessons I — 4181
MUS 1610 – 1 credit
Spencer Drake

Provides for private study for the beginner or more advanced student on instruments, voice, composition, or other areas of music. Students gain musical skills and artistry through individual instruction. Sessions are arranged through the director of music. Public performance is optional. A studio fee is required. May be taken for a total of 6 credit hours. No requisites. J fall, spring. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

Jan 13 – May 14 TBD
Beginning Guitar — 3439
MUS 1680 – 3 credits

Offers group instruction in guitar for the beginner. Through work on the instrument and written work in music theory, students gain improved ability to perform on the guitar. Recommended for those interested in careers in therapy, recreation, education, music performance, music education and other related fields. No requisites. J fall, spring; C occasionally. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center