Credit Course Schedules

Mechanical Technology - Fall 2019

Engineering Drawing w/AutoCAD — 3547
MCT 1240 – 4 credits
Timothy R. Griffin

Students will focus on engineering drawing fundamentals, incorporating both manual and computer-aided drafting. Topics include free-hand sketching, principles of applied geometry, orthographic projections, dimensioning, section views, pictorials, conventional drawing practices, standards, tolerancing, and an introduction to 2-D wire frame software such as AutoCAD. Students will create and modify CAD geometry, text, and dimensions. No requisites. J fall. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

Aug 29 – Dec 19 Thu 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Machine Theory and Operations — 3550
MCT 1270 – 3 credits
Dan Putzstuck

Students will learn the function and operation of basic chip producing machine tools such as lathes, drill, milling machines, saws, and grinders.Eligibility: MAT 1210 or higher. J fall. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

Aug 27 – Dec 19 Tue 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Introduction to Solid Modeling — 3551
MCT 1380 – 3 credits
Richard J. Fontes

Students will be introduced to 3-D solid modeling software. Much of the course is spent on application of a parametric solid modeler such as Solid Works. Students will learn to create and sketch geometry and parametric solids. Students will also be introduced to detailing and assembly modeling. Emphasis is placed on establishing constraints that correctly convey the design intent. Prerequisite: MCT 1240. J spring. Master Course Syllabus

Cattaraugus County Campus

Aug 26 – Dec 19 Mon 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm