Credit Course Schedules

Inter-disciplinary - Spring 2020

Master Student — 3265
INT 1500 – 2 credits

Students will develop the skills necessary to reach their educational goals, including improved study skills, communication skills, and time management skills. Students will examine life issues faced by college students and will understand the significance of personal responsibility in achieving their goals. No requisites. J fall, spring; C fall, spring. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

Inquire: Feeling Smart? — 3761
INT 1555 – 2 credits
Morgan C. Franchina

This course engages first-year students in hands-on academic exploration while preparing them to navigate the challenges and opportunities of higher education. Students will develop the intellectual skills needed for college-level inquiry by actively exploring the various sides of a single, challenging question or issue. While the specific topic of inquiry varies from section to section, all instructors employ a problem-based, interdisciplinary approach to learning that helps students make connections across fields of study. Students will engage their critical thinking skills as they generate questions, organize information, evaluate evidence, and weigh alternative perspectives. In the process, they will become acclimated to the culture of higher education at JCC. No requisites. J fall, spring; C fall, spring; Online occasionally. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

North County Campus Center 218
Jan 13 – Mar 25 Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00 am – 9:50 am