Credit Course Schedules

History - Fall 2019

US History before 1865 — 3248
HIS 1530 – 3 credits
Dennis H. Collins

Students will be introduced to the history of the United States from the European Encounter through the Civil War. Using the methodology of the social sciences, students will learn and evaluate the major political, social, cultural, scientific-technological, economic, and natural developments that shaped the United States during its formative years; when the American republic was founded, expanded, and tested by division. Students will give special attention to the unique contributions made by diverse peoples and institutions, and the responsibilities of educated citizens today. Corequisite/Prerequisite: ENG 1510. It is not necessary to take HIS 1530 before HIS 1540. HIS courses are reading and writing intensive. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

North County Campus Center 107
Aug 27 – Dec 19 Tue, Thu 10:00 am – 11:15 am
History of World War II — 3249
HIS 2560 – 3 credits
Gregory J. Edwards

Students will examine and evaluate the world at war with emphasis on the role of the United States from the battlefields to the homefront. Multiple factors of the aftermath of World War I, the rise of fascism, Japan's expansion in Asia, the alliance of Britain, America, and the USSR, and the strategies of each side in the war are studied. Implications of the surrender of Germany and Japan, the use of nuclear bombs, and the interests of the U.S. and USSR in creating a new world after the war are assessed. Prerequisite/Corequisite: ENG 1530. Master Course Syllabus

North County Center

North County Training Center 126
Aug 26 – Dec 19 Mon, Wed 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm