Credit Course Schedules

Chemistry - Spring 2020

Allied Health Chemistry — 3150
CHE 1530 – 3 credits
Laura Parmenter

Students will consider selected basic concepts from inorganic, organic, and biological chemistry which will be applied to allied health and biological fields. Topics include matter and measurements, chemical bonds and reactions, redox, states of matter, acids and bases, organic functional groups, and common macromolecules in biological systems. The course is for students with little or no chemistry background who are pursuing a degree in an allied health field or who wish to continue in CHE 1550. Prerequisite/Corequisite: ENG 1510; Eligibility: college level math. J fall; C fall; Online occasionally. Master Course Syllabus

Jamestown - Online

SUNY Learning Network - Jamestown
Jan 13 – May 14 TBD