Jamestown Community College offers the NYS mandated Barrier Precautions course online. This course offering is in addition to our classroom training. It allows busy health care professionals the opportunity to complete this required course at their convenience. The course provides background information on NYS legislation, and covers six element areas pertaining to barrier precaution and infection control. Each element will present learning objectives to students, and are as follows:

  • Element I The responsibility to adhere to scientifically accepted principles and practices of infection control and to monitor the performance of those for whom the professional is responsible.
  • Element II Modes and mechanisms of transmission of pathogenic organisms in health care settings and strategies for prevention and control.
  • Element III Use of engineering and work practice controls to reduce the opportunity for patient and health care worker exposure to potentially infectious material.
  • Element IV Selection and use of barriers and/or personal protective equipment for preventing patient and health care worker contact with potentially infectious material.
  • Element V Creation and maintenance of a safe environment for patient care through application of infection control principles and practices for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.
  • Element VI Prevention and control of infectious and communicable diseases in health care workers. Each element will have a five-question quiz with links to correct sections to answers to missed questions.

The cost for this course is $40.
Students will receive a NYS Certificate for Continuing Education after successfully completing this course at 100%.
To register: print and complete both the Registration Form and the Student Affidavit below (return details on the Reg. form). You cannot register for this class online.

Note: CEU'S cannot be awarded for this class because there is not a test involved. The quizzes you complete within the course verify that you have read and understood the course materials in line with NYS certification.