Customized Training Services

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Organizations seeking training for their employees have the option of credit or credit- free classes, or customized training. Customized training is developed for a group of employees, and specific to an organization or specific job function. The costs for these classes are the most competitive in the region, but vary by topic and instructor/consultant.

JCC’s instructors are current and bring business world experience to the classroom. The Center for Continuing Education schedules interactive classes at dates and times convenient for your employees, either on-site or at JCC’s state of the art training facility, the Katharine Jackson Carnahan Center.

When applicable, The Center for Continuing Education can research, locate, and write proposals regarding State and Federal Training Grants that can assist in offsetting costs of training.

Training proves to be a valuable ROI for organizations by educating, empowering, and retaining employees in order to build a competent and capable workforce.  JCC's Center for Continuing Education can meet your company or organization's training needs.

There are several types of customizable programs under the following categories:

  • Computers and Information Technology
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Professional Development
  • Small Business
  • Technical and Manufacturing

ANY program we offer can be customized! Phone: 716.338.1005