Placement Retest Policy

Computer-based placement tests are offered for the areas of writing, reading and mathematics. Results are valid for three years after the date of the initial test(s).  A student may schedule a retest option for all areas or a single area.  Regardless of the number of areas to retest, there is a $10 fee to be paid in advance per retest appointment.  The recommended waiting time for a retest is two weeks after the initial test date, but a student may choose to retest after a minimum of 24 hours.   Retesting for course eligibility in a given semester must be completed by the end of the second day of that semester.  There is a limit of one retest option per academic year.

Other Considerations:
Writing (essay) Retest –Upon request, a pen and paper essay retest will be allowed; arrangements are made with the English faculty at each campus. The policy as stated above will be enforced.

College Connections (CC) Students- At this time, a reading and/or writing retest option can be scheduled in the designated high school at no charge. A CC student who wishes to schedule an on-campus retest option will, however, be charged a retest fee of $10 which is payable in advance. Retests must be completed prior to a student registering for a College Connections course(s). All other placement policy conditions are also in effect.