High School Programs

Prepare for college while in high school

Jamestown Community College offers programs that let you experience and prepare for college while you're in high school. You can earn college credit through College Connections courses at your high school, enroll in JCC part-time with the PEP grant, and prepare for college success with Liberty Partnerships.

College Connections

Earn college credits in high school through College Connections at JCC.

College Connections offers JCC credit courses in our partner high schools. The courses are taught by highly qualified, JCC-trained and supported teachers, and the content, assignments, projects, and assessments in College Connections courses are consistent with those taught on the JCC campus.

You can also participate in our enrichment opportunities specially tailored to our College Connection courses, including the student art show, cultural symposium, and more.

Learn more about College Connections.

Pre-College Enrollment Program (PEP)

The Pre-College Enrollment Program (PEP) at JCC lets you enroll part-time (up to 11 credit hours) to earn college credit prior to high school graduation. You can enroll for classes at either the Jamestown or Cattaraugus County Campus locations or at the North County Center.

As a PEP student, you can participate in both academic and extracurricular activities at the college. You'll have full library privileges, can attend special college events, and are welcome to join various clubs and interest groups.


PEP is open to all high school students, including home-schooled students, who are recommended by their high school principals or guidance counselors. In most cases, students participating in the program are juniors and seniors who rank in the top half of their high school classes.

An individual whose high school class has not yet graduated and who wishes to enroll in credit courses at Jamestown Community College as a part-time, non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) student may do so through the Pre-College Enrollment Program (PEP) under the following circumstances:

  • The individual must be at least 15 years of age.
  • The individual’s enrollment must be acknowledged through signatures from the student, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), and the high school principal or counselor. (A school administrator’s signature is not required for home-schooled students or any students enrolling in summer session courses.)

High school students interested in full-time enrollment should contact the admissions office. 

Students entering JCC’s PEP program must be registered for at least one course at their home high school and cannot register as full-time students at JCC.


PEP students are eligible for the JCC PEP grant to help defray their tuition costs. As a high school student, you are not eligible for state and federal financial aid, and you are responsible for tuition and fees not covered by the PEP grant.

There is no limit to the number of semesters for which you may receive this grant. In fact, should you choose to continue your enrollment as a part-time JCC student after graduating from high school, you may receive the grant for two additional consecutive semesters and one summer session.

Your grant, which will be applied to your student bill after your PEP application is processed and you are registered for courses, is contingent on your attendance through the first four weeks of classes (or first week of summer classes).

Pre-Collegiate Math and Reading

Enroll in a pre-collegiate course this summer to strengthen your skills in math and/or reading. These courses have the potential to keep you on schedule to begin core courses within the degree or certificate you would like to pursue, regardless of whether you'll be attending JCC or another college or university in the fall.

Learn more about our pre-collegiate math and reading courses.

Liberty Partnerships Program

JCC's Liberty Partnerships program (LPP) supports middle and high school students completing high school and preparing for college with academic support, leadership goals, college preparedness, and more. LPP is made possible through a grant from the New York State Education Department.

Learn more about Liberty Partnerships.

Contact Admissions

Jamestown Campus
North County Center
(Hamilton Collegiate Center)

800.388.8557 x1001 or 716.338.1001

Cattaraugus County Campus
(College Center)

800.388.8557 x7528 or 716.376.7528