Financial habits can have a powerful impact on your future. You may be just starting your college career, or you may be making plans to transfer to a 4-year school. Maybe you are almost finished with your degree at JCC and looking for new employment to make the most of your education. Wherever you are in your journey, good money management skills can play an important part in your success. Decisions are like forks in the road, and poor financial choices can steer you away from your goals.

The JCC Financial Aid Office wants to see you reach your goals. When you call or stop by our office and search our website, you’ll find resources to help you stay on course to increase your financial knowledge and help you build practical money management skills.

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JCC encourages all students, especially student loan borrowers, to check out SUNY Smart Track, a new resource with tools and services to help you prepare for your financial future. Please note that due to an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11 and Flash, we recommend using Financial Avenue with Firefox, Chrome, or a lower version of Internet Explorer until Microsoft resolves the issue.

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