Maintaining Your Eligibility to Receive Financial Aid at JCC

Your eligibility to receive federal and state financial aid requires you to meet both financial and academic qualifications. Your financial eligibility is determined by your completion of the FAFSA and state aid applications each academic year. We recommend you file your renewal FAFSA online at every year by March 1st for the following academic year.

Federal Title IV financial aid is awarded on the premise that the student will complete the semester for which he/she is receiving assistance, and will make progress toward earning a college degree. A student who withdraws from the college prior to completion of at least 60% of the semester has not earned eligibility for 100% of his/her aid. The federal government requires the return of the pro-rated share of original awards that the student has not earned.

In addition, the federal and state agencies that provide financial aid require you to make academic progress each semester to qualify for continued assistance. We encourage you to check with your campus financial aid office prior to withdrawing from classes, as your course completion may have an impact on your eligibility to receive current funds, as well as those for future semesters.