Destination to a Dream: Partnership with SUNY Fredonia

Complete your college education at JCC & SUNY Fredonia

Destination to a Dream (D2D) is a partnership between Jamestown Community College and SUNY Fredonia. The D2D program gives you a seamless transition from JCC to Fredonia, while offering the student life experience at both campuses.

The D2D program is under review for 2021-22 academic year.

Students not eligible academically to attend Fredonia can complete courses at JCC and achieve a GPA necessary to continue their education at Fredonia. Successful students will earn an associate’s degree from JCC and a bachelor’s degree from Fredonia.

destination to a dream logo made of jcc logo, suny fredonia logo, and d2d letters



  • You will attend classes at JCC’s North County Center in Dunkirk the first two years. In some cases, you may have to attend classes at the Jamestown Campus.
  • You must maintain continuous, full-time enrollment for two years at JCC.
  • You will be advised by JCC academic advisors to determine your courses. Students move seamlessly from JCC to Fredonia at the end of two years.
  • You cannot register for courses at Fredonia until coursework is completed at JCC.
  • To continue at Fredonia, you must reach the required GPA for your major:
    • 3.0 for education and communications disorders
    • 2.75 for communications
    • 2.5 for social work
    • 2.0 for other majors

Student life

D2D students have two communities to explore and connect with!

  • You will be immersed in student life at Fredonia and JCC.
  • You will live in a residence hall at either Fredonia or JCC’s Jamestown Campus. Students majoring in arts and STEM programs may be required to reside on the JCC Jamestown Campus.
  • You can enjoy dining and athletic facilities at both Fredonia and JCC’s Jamestown Campus.
  • You are welcome to join Fredonia's and JCC's student clubs and organizations.