International Student Costs for 2015-2016

The cost of study at Jamestown Community College is estimated at $25,492 U.S. dollars per academic year of 9 months (September to May). Shared living expenses can significantly reduce expenses.

Estimated Budget in U.S. Dollars

One academic year (September-May): $25,492

Full-time, non-resident tuition $9,040
College fees $111
Course fees $1,058
Mandatory health insurance** $1,053
On-campus housing, meal plan, and living expenses $10,030
Other (estimated books, travel, and personal expenses) $4,200

* Tuition and fees subject to change.

** New York State law requires that sickness insurance, repatriation insurance, and evacuation insurance be carried by all international students. Current policy provides that this expense be paid at the same time tuition is due.

For more details, visit our Tuition and Fees page.


JCC has partnered with peerTransfer to assist with money transfers. Visit peerTransfer for more information. If you have any questions, contact the International Outreach coordinator.

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Declaration of Finances

Financial aid is not available for international students at Jamestown Community College. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service will not approve any of campus employment unless the student is able to present and document that there have been unforeseen changes in economic circumstances since their arrival in the United States. It is imperative that adequate sources of finances be available, without working, for the duration of study.

When you apply to JCC, you must be able to show that you can afford to pay at least the current costs of attending JCC, as outlined above. To that end, we require that you make a declaration of finances within the application. All documentation should be dated within three months of the date you submit your application to JCC. To demonstrate your ability to meet all educational and living expenses, we will ask that you provide evidence of any combination of funding and support from the following sources:

Source Required Documentation
Personal/Family Savings Original bank statement of account verifying the total amount of liquid funds available, verified by a bank official. Salary statements and property cannot be used.
Scholarships An official scholarship letter addressed to Jamestown Community College from the institution awarding the scholarship. The letter must contain the name of the applicant, duration of the award, and the amount of funds available for each year of study.
Government/Employer An official letter addressed to Jamestown Community College indicating the amount of support being offered. It should contain the same information as the scholarship letter outlined above.
Loans An official letter from the credit or lending institution indicating the approval and amount of the loan.

Please Note:

  • Only original or true certified copies are acceptable. Photocopies and faxed copies are not acceptable.
  • This information is required for visa eligibility determination only.
  • Bank statements carry no liability on the part of the bank.

JCC's International Student Scholarship

JCC encourages international students to apply for the JCC International Student Scholarship. A small number of modest scholarships will be awarded each year for up to two years of study to international students enrolling at JCC on a full-time basis. Preference will be given to those students applying by June 1 for the fall semester, or November 1 for the spring semester. Second year continuation of the scholarship is dependent on the recipient earning a 2.5 or better GPA at the end of the first year and demonstrating leadership/participation in a campus-based international student organization.