Past Presentations

Scholars Day 2014

Jamestown Campus
  Name(s) Category Title
3rd place Christina Walter Arts & Humanities "The Influence of Women on the Development of the Castle at Chenonceau"
  Kendall Wright Arts & Humanities "The Camera and the Rise of Impressionism"
  John Canning Health Sciences "Performance-Enhancing Drugs in College Athletics: A Review into Testing Rationale and Efficacy"
  Sara Elifritz Health Sciences "Fall Prevention in Elders with Alzheimer's and Dementia"
  Blake Peterson and Luciana Sena  International Internship "International Internship: Spain"
  Blake Peterson International Internship "En Tu Corazón: Valladolid (Spain)"
  Taylor Kickbush and Kristen Kowalski Natural Sciences "Preserving Earth's Water: No Water Bottles Necessary"
1st place Maria Sena  Natural Sciences "Meprin a Mediates CCL2 Activity in Murine Bone Marrow Cells Using a Model of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy"
2nd place Forrest Wendaur Natural Sciences "Detection of Mutations in Canine MDR-1 Gene Using Non-Invasive Methods"
  Blake Bailey Social Sciences "Dissociative Identity Disorder: Does It Exist?"
  Lars Benson and Rey Muniz Social Sciences "Global Negotiations and East Asian Relations"
  Jenna Clauson Social Sciences "The Effects of Divorce on Adolescent Academic Success"
  Rebecca Crosson Social Sciences "Schizophrenia: Causes and Treatments"
  Brooklyn Ford Social Sciences "Parental Influence on the Development of Adolescent Athlete Motivation Perspectives"
  Erica Ireland Social Sciences "The Psychological Effect of Body Image Competitions"
  Megan Putnam Social Sciences "The Biological Implications and Psychological Outcomes of Near Death Experiences"
Cattaraugus County Campus
  Name(s) Category Title
  Na'Keisha Barber Arts & Humanities "Dancing Diva for Life: Learning and Knowing Dance"
  Kortnei Barksdale Arts & Humanities "Pit Bulls: Attacking Character"
  Ciera Tidd Arts & Humanities "Adoption in Adulthood: A Personal Experience"
1st place Holly Nidell Business & Entrepreneurship "Define the Undefined: Health Management Network Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation"
2nd place Halley Kottwitz and Breanna Warner Social Sciences "Battle of the Sexes"
3rd place Samantha Mann Social Sciences "Culturally Embedded Clothing"

Scholars Day 2013

Jamestown Campus
  Name(s) Category Title
  Cody DeLong Media Arts "The Leavers: Creating Community in Chautauqua County"
2nd place Daren Card, Andrew Lawrence, Chayse Langworthy, Lauren Sharp, Timothy Zembryski Natural Science "A Survey of Mosquito Populations for Evidence of Lateral Gene Transfer"
1st place Gabriel Hrysenko and Katie Trank Natural Science "Analysis of Borrelia in Lipotena cervi (Deer Keds) as a Model of Infection in the White Tailed Deer Population of New York State"
3rd place Janelle Clark, Jeany Melendez, Rey Muniz III, Michael Murphy, Marcus Pisa, Nichole Small-Crouse, and Samuel Wild* Social Sciences "SUNY Model European Union 2013"
  Kimberly Foringer  STEM "Hydraulic Fracking"
  Max Clark, Matt Mancuso, Ken Mazzone, and Spencer Smith Technology and Engineering "Hydroelectric Power"
  Max Clark, Kameron Delgado, Tyler Fairbanks, Thomas Prinzi, and Spencer Smith Technology and Engineering "Nuclear Energy - Pros and Cons"
  Kameron Delgado, Tyler Fairbanks, Mathew Mancuso, Kenneth Mazzone, and Thomas Prinzi Technology and Engineering "Solar Power"
  Kendelle Kosinski, Misty McChesney, Nick Myers, and Nick Yanik Technology and Engineering "Bio-Energy"
  Kendelle Kosinski, Misty McChesney, Nick Myers, and Nick Yanik Technology and Engineering "Wind Power"
Cattaraugus County Campus
  Name(s) Category Title
3rd place Sarah Bentley and Jade Nolan Health Sciences "Stepping into the Professional World Through New Vision: Health Professionals"
2nd place Kimberly Miles Humanities "Exploring Higher Education Options for Northwestern Pennsylvania Residents"
1st place Michael Murphy, Nichole Small-Crouse, and Samuel Wild* Social Sciences "SUNY Model European Union 2013: A Delegation of Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden)"
*Michael Murphy, Nichole Small-Crouse, and Samuel Wild are students at the Cattaraugus County Campus. Since they are members of the Model European Union group, their work is included with their peers on the Jamestown Campus; however, their work was judged against the other entrants from the Cattaraugus County Campus.

Scholars Day 2012

Jamestown Campus
   Name(s)  Category  Title
1st place Erin Taft Best in Show "Crochet Activism"
Best in category Caleb Abrams Arts & Humanities "Remembering the Removal: The Allegany Senecas and the Kinzua Dam" 
Best in category James Adams Health Sciences "JCC Nursing Program: A Maternity Immersion"
Best in category Danelle Turney Interdisciplinary Studies "Fishing for the Three C's: Alternative Spring Break 2012"
Best in category Christy Twilight Natural Science "The Genetic Effects of Environmental Conditions on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus"
Best in category Shawn Lawson Oral Presentation "Experiential Active Learning: Participating in an Online Simulation to Learn about Global Negotiations"
Best in category Alethea Marsh Social Sciences "The 13th Separate Company: A Call to Arms"
Best in category Taylor Seavy & Alexis Carlson Technology & Engineering "Water is a Powerful Force: Hydroelectrics"
Cattaraugus County Campus
  Name(s) Category Title
1st place Spencer Mummery, Culley Steiner, Olivia Blake, Desmond White Arts & Humanities "What about Children's Books?"
2nd place Samuel Wild, Sarah Stephan, Desmond White, Kari Gleason Arts & Humanities "Let's Put on a Show!"
3rd place Janice Isaac Interdisciplinary Studies "ASB + New Friends: Making a Difference"