Faculty liaisons are Jamestown Community College faculty members who serve as mentors to the high school instructors. They help with the oversight and support of quality of College Connections courses. Liaisons are compensated and reimbursed for travel.

Faculty Liaison Responsibilities

The overarching responsibility of the faculty liaison is to ensure on and off-campus course consistency. This is done using three specific tools:

1. Course Syllabi Review

All Collect Connections instructors must submit course syllabi before their courses begin. Liaisons review, approve, and submit syllabi to the College Connections office. In doing so, liaisons ensure consistency in:

2. Site Observations

Classroom observations help to ensure that college courses offered through College Connections are consistent with those taught on campus. They also offer the opportunity for collegial interaction between campus and College Connections instructors.

Faculty liaisons conduct classroom observations the first two times a course is offered and then at the discretion of the liaison. At minimum, a classroom observation is completed once every three years. Faculty liaisons complete site observation reports for each visit and submit them to the College Connections office. During semesters classroom observations do not occur, it is expected that faculty liaisons maintain close communication with their instructors through phone, email, and informal visits. This communication is documented in a course oversight form. Fall observation forms and course oversight forms are due by January 30; full year and spring observation forms or course oversight forms are due by June 30.

3. Professional Development

Faculty liaisons participate in meetings with their high school instructors once each semester. In addition, faculty liaisons prepare a half day spring professional development workshop for partner high school instructors. These may be done in conjunction with other departmental liaisons as long as the overall workshop is approved by College Connections.

Student Enrichment Opportunities

Throughout the year, College Connections instructors and their students are invited to participate in various College Connections enrichment opportunities. These events aim at providing enriching educational opportunities for College Connections students and recognizing their hard work and dedication across numerous disciplines. Liaisons are encouraged to collaborate with their instructors to consider ways they can provide such opportunities to students. When possible, faculty liaisons should also participate in campus visits when partner instructors and students visit campus.