Strategic Planning

Planning through strategic directions & core values: 2019-2022

Jamestown Community College is committed to fulfilling our mission through our strategic directions and core values.

Strategic directions

  • Reimagine academic and workforce programs: JCC will ensure each of its degree, certificate, and workforce readiness programs are cutting-edge, relevant, vital, and of superior quality.
  • Improve enrollment, retention, and completion: JCC will use proven strategies and national models (i.e. Guided Pathways and Completion By Design) to guide its enrollment, retention, and completion efforts, adopt technologies designed  to deliver personalized customer service, and focus human intervention where it is most beneficial to students. Programs will be marketed appropriately within the region and beyond JCC’s service area.
  • Provide on-track advising: JCC will track and support the progress of each student at key milestones from application through graduation.
  • Prepare for a more diverse and global student body: JCC will develop new opportunities for working students, first generation students, students of color, international students, student athletes, and residence hall students.  
  • Modernize the operating budget and the fundraising strategy: JCC will develop and implement a comprehensive, future-focused financial plan that maximizes resources and positions the college for stability and predictability in its fundraising, budgeting, and planning functions.
  • Develop a culture of exceptional customer service: JCC will enhance its reputation as an exceptional, inclusive, innovative, and exciting place to work and learn.
  • Build collaboration around shared goals: JCC will leverage its assets with public and private partner agencies and organizations in the region to achieve shared goals.

Core values

Jamestown Community College will achieve its mission through the implementation of these core values. The college addresses each core value with a proactive approach, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to open communications throughout the college and community.

Academic excellence

The college provides students with a challenging, multi-dimensional, and outcomes-based learning environment. Within an academic context which emphasizes learning how to learn, students acquire general and specific knowledge as well as discipline, basic and career skills. Students receive assistance in identifying the goals, values and attitudes that will prepare them for transfer, work, and/or an enriched personal life.

Student-centered environment

The college develops and promotes a safe environment in which student success is the focus of all endeavors, with the entire college community dedicated to this end. The college community is committed to engaging students in the academic environment both within and outside the classroom, and seeks to foster a campus climate in which all members of the college community recognize the importance of engaging with students and with each other to support student success.

Robust enrollments

The college engages in deliberate and conscientious efforts to attract and retain an optimum number of students in order to serve community needs and maintain a foundation for continuing excellence in all we do. This approach to enrollment development involves all members of the college community, and is predicated upon a continuing commitment to quality and on establishing and sustaining an entrepreneurial mindset in all members of the college community.


The college embraces a comprehensive, inclusive planning model ensuring opportunities for participation for all stakeholders in the strategic planning process. The college is committed to continuous improvement, utilizing a constituent feedback loop, as well as the integration of planning, resource allocation, and institutional assessment.

Resource stewardship

The college is a responsible and effective steward of its financial resources, supporting the achievement of its mission and goals through a participatory planning and allocation process. The college actively pursues additional resources at the local, state, and national level from both private and public sources.

Employee development

The college attracts and retains the optimal number of the highest quality personnel and encourages, supports, and participates in continuous upgrading of skills, knowledge, and leadership skills through programs and services designed to maintain a faculty and staff who are knowledgeable and current in their fields, demonstrate an appropriate level of technological competence, and are engaged, energetic, and involved in the success of the college and the community.

Technology & facilities

The college promotes a commitment to campus technology and facilities. Students are provided a rich technical environment with current technology for the access and delivery of resources to support their academic choices. Employees are provided access to evolving technology and resources sufficient to support the college community. JCC provides both students and employees with exceptional facilities that are aesthetically pleasing, well maintained, “green” where possible and adequate to house a constantly shifting population and evolving institutional goals.

Culture of evidence

The college systematically gathers, analyzes, and acts on evidence about student learning, satisfaction, and engagement. The college similarly assesses the accomplishments and activities of each department, and scans the external environment for challenges and opportunities. The college uses this data analysis to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness, to prioritize budget items, and to develop strategic planning goals.

Community needs & economic development

The college provides high quality education and training experiences to meet the changing and diverse economic development, workforce, and personal enrichment needs of the communities it serves.

Social responsibility & sustainability

The college promotes a commitment to a campus culture in which students and employees:

  1. weigh the ethical merits of their decisions in relation to individual conduct and global citizenship.
  2. act with respect and understanding for all, regardless of differences.
  3. follow the ideals of sustainability in which JCC both educates students about these ideals and provides a healthy learning environment with an elevated sense of and adherence to environmental stewardship.


The college encourages the development of internal partnerships that make the most effective use of our collective knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources. Similarly, the college develops or participates in external partnerships that strengthen the community, promote progress in the region, and enhance our ability to provide programs and services.