The quad on the Cattaraugus County CampusSurveying the Sustainability Landscape

In 2013, the Office of Sustainability sent out two surveys: one to the faculty and staff of Jamestown Community College and one to the student body.

We wanted to find out a couple of things in particular. For the faculty-staff survey, we wanted to get a sense of the overall level of commitment to environmental issues, as well as the general sentiment towards the concept of sustainability and climate change. For the student survey, we wanted to gauge the awareness of the incoming student body on issues like climate change and the environment, as well as their sense of social justice and economic inequality. We plan to survey this same group of students again in the spring in order to measure any change in their level of awareness of sustainability issues. 

While going over the results of the survey, we noticed that several members of the college community posed similar questions, and we came across certain misconceptions about climate change. Therefore, in addition to the survey results, we've also included answers to some of these questions and done our best to correct any misconceptions.

This is only the first step, and the issue of climate change is something that we must tackle as a community. We plan to use the results of this survey when developing new activities and initiatives.

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