Tyreek Jewell
Individual Studies

I played basketball while at Leadership and Public Service High School, and was the team captain senior year. I have also been team captain of the JCC team, and I played on the NJCAA All-Region 2nd Team. My favorite sports memory is when I dunked on a 7'0" center. I plan to continue to play basketball overseas, or transfer to a D1 program. My favorite athletes are LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

2013-2014 honors: 1,000 point mark, Region 3 player of the year

Jewell Joins One Thousand Point Club

Tyreek Jewell with Head Coach Mike Cordovano and Athletics Director Keith Martin

Congratulations to Tyreek Jewell! Tyreek crossed the 1,000 point mark for his career during the JCC Jayhawks win over Lorain County Community College on January 18, 2014. He was honored before the January 30 matchup with Monroe Community College.

In photo from left to right: Head Coach Mike Cordovano, Tyreek Jewell, and Director of Athletics Keith Martin. Photo by Jim Riggs of The Post-Journal.

Athlete Spotlight: March 2014

Tyreek Jewel has had a big year at JCC as a top contributor to the Jayhawks men’s basketball team. Coming to Jamestown all the way from the Bronx, NY, Tyreek has a lot to be proud of. However, reaching his 1000 point goal and being awarded Player of the Year hasn’t taken away his humble spirit and team attitude.

Q: What attracted you to Jamestown Community College Athletics?

A: Well, I am from the city originally, and I was offered a basketball scholarship for JCC. After I looked into it, I realized that it was the best opportunity for me. I really liked my recruiting coach’s style. He has a great can-do attitude that was really contagious.

Q: Why the basketball team?

A: I have been playing basketball since I was seven, and I’ve always been good at it (not that I haven’t had to work hard!). I am a shooter, and I wanted to continue to learn better techniques and further my basketball career. I wanted to find out what I am really capable of achieving.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about college athletics?

A: My favorite part has been the chemistry; it’s all about team chemistry. After spending a short time with your whole team, you begin to find out who’s the funny one, who’s the quiet one, and so on. Knowing each other and building a bond is the fastest way to have a coordinated basketball team.

Q: What were your goals for this season?

A: I had individual goals. I wanted to reach my 1000 points as a sophomore at JCC, and I wanted to be remembered for the dedication and determination I had. Because it was my sophomore year, I had to make my mark, and I knew the only way to do that was to learn and be a better player than last year. It’s a different pressure being a sophomore because you have to always be on your game. As a freshman, I always looked to the sophomores for leadership and guidance, so it was important to me to try and adequately assume that role for the freshmen of my team who might feel that way this year.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? (Career, life, ect.)

A: Right now I am an individual studies major, because I haven’t settled on an area in the sports administrative field to specialize in. Sports are my passion, so when I transfer I want to progress in a career area that I know I already enjoy. JCC basketball has opened so many doors for me in the area of academic opportunity, and I am still deciding on my transfer school of choice.

Q: Are there any personal highlights you’d like to mention from this season so far?

A: The biggest personal highlight would be the Player of the Year award, which was such an unbelievable experience for me. Also, I would have to say at the end of the season, coming to the realization of how far I have come personally and how far we all have come as a team since last year, was a great highlight.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring athletes?

A: My advice would be to keep working on your game, no matter your strengths and weaknesses. Drill the stuff you are good at just as much as the stuff you feel you aren’t good at, and great stuff will happen to you. Keep a balance between your athletic endeavors and your academic goals, and don’t leave one waiting while you are trying to accelerate the other. And, be confident! Hard work really does pay off.

-Written by Hannah Grable