Emergency Management Technology (Pennsylvania College of Technology)

Transfer School: 
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Transfer Program: 
Emergency Management Technology
JCC Program: 
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Guarantees acceptance of JCC students who graduate with an A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. degree.  Students who transfer a minimum of 60 credits that fulfill degree requirements are guaranteed junior standing.  Pennsylvania College of Technology will accept in transfer up to the equivalent of 67 specified credits.  Due to the sequencing of technical courses, JCC students will spend at least six semesters at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  To remain at full-time status, students may elect to also complete an approved minor or a concentration at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  A separate Memorandum of Understanding establishes guidelines under which Jamestown Community College graduates who transfer to Pennsylvania College of Technology may receive the Pennsylvania in-state tuition rate. (latest update 2015)

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