Transfer School: 
Edinboro University
Transfer Program: 
Most bachelor’s degree programs (Academic Passport)
JCC Program: 
See Agreement Details

Guarantees acceptance, with junior standing into their choice of Edinboro bachelor’s degree program (except for programs with capacity limits and/or higher admission standards), of JCC students who graduate with any A.A. or A.S. degree.  Students must apply and be admitted to Edinboro within two years of completing their degree program at JCC.  Edinboro will strive to apply all JCC credits toward meeting requirements for the bachelor’s degree.  Students may be able to transfer additional JCC coursework beyond the requirements for the associate’s degree to fulfill additional requirements for the bachelor’s degree.  Students must take at least 30 of their last 45 credits, and 50 percent of the major requirements, at Edinboro. (latest update 2015)   

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