Active military service members can be called to duty at any time, impeding his or her academic studies. In such cases JCC’s military leave of absence will best serve your needs and provide an easy return to higher education, when ready. For questions regarding JCC’s military leave of absence, please contact Melissa Stormer, veterans’ coordinator.

Withdrawal Procedure

There shall be no tuition or fee liability established for those courses in which a student does not receive academic credit when he/she withdraws to enter military service or is called into active duty prior to the end of an academic term. A grade of “W” shall be recorded on the student’s transcript for each class in the affected semester. If a student is forced to relocate due to the orders of an active duty family member, the same conditions will hold true.

Note: The term "military service" means full-time active duty in the Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Coast Guard of the United States, or qualifying National Guard duty during a war, other military operation, or national emergency as defined in Section 5 of the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act (Public Law 108-76).

Enlistment under a delayed enlistment plan does not constitute "full-time duty" until the student is required to leave school on the effective date of active duty as stated in the student's or family member’s orders.

A student who is a member of a National Guard, Army, Navy or Air Force Reserve unit that is not called up for duty as defined above, is entitled to a refund only, if in the judgment of the appropriate campus officer (Bursar), the student is unable to attend classes due to hardship beyond the student's control and the student has made bona fide efforts to permit continued class attendance. Documentation of membership to active duty in the military service shall be provided to and retained by the Bursar’s office as part of the appeal process. In the event that a refund is granted to a student in National Guard or reserve status, documentation of the reason(s) for such action shall be in writing and retained by the campus.

Military personnel withdrawing from any program or term because of changes of assignment beyond their control and upon proper certification of such change from a base education service officer or other appropriate military official shall be deemed to have incurred no liability for tuition and fees due from the student, as opposed to tuition and fees paid by the federal government on the student's behalf (to which federal regulations apply on return of such funds.)


  • Student needs to accomplish a total withdrawal from JCC due to orders from the military.
  • Student completes College’s withdrawal procedures.
  • Student files an appeal with the JCC Bursar. This appeal will include a letter of explanation and have a copy of the military orders attached.
  • Bursar reviews appeal and supporting documentation and makes determination based upon information received. Determination will be reached after research of the individual’s claim and communications with Registrar’s office and Financial Aid office.
  • Bursar insures that student’s grades have been recorded as “W’s” and that any aid is handled in line with government policies in the same fashion as we process regular, student appeals.
  • Bursar issues a determination letter to the student explaining the disposition of his/her financial affairs for the term.