The 2015-2016 Peer Mentors


Peer2Peer is a peer-mentoring program designed to provide support and guidance to students as they adjust to college life. Incoming freshmen are paired with sophomore student peers who help them navigate their first semester here at Jamestown Community College.

A peer mentor can help new students:

  • Connect to campus services and resources
  • Find information on important policies and dates
  • Discover better time management strategies
  • Become familiar with using Banner, Blackboard, and college e-mail (Gmail)
  • Make wise choices that will lead them toward their goals
  • Begin taking action regarding their academic and career goals

Why Peer2Peer?

Research shows that students who are mentored typically have more confidence, higher grade point averages, and a higher overall level of satisfaction with their college experience.

The Peer2Peer program offers benefits to all who participate:

  • Through regular contact with a mentor, student mentees become familiar with campus services and resources, and develop the skills and habits of independent, successful learners.
  • Student mentors develop and refine valuable skills, such as leadership and interpersonal communication.

Here's what some of our participants have to say:

"My mentor explained that it is hard the first year. But I have come a long way since then. I have more ambition now than ever and it is showing through in my grades..." -student mentee

"Just reassurance that others have gone before me, that was the most helpful thing of all..." -adult student mentee

"Keeping in contact with my mentor has kept me motivated to do well and I like to update her on anything. The feedback from her is amazing and it makes me feel good..." -student mentee

"I have conquered my initial fears. I am very pleased with your program and want to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement in helping me get settled in..." -student mentee

"I think this program is amazing..." -student mentee

Learn More

Interested in being mentored?  Please click the links below for further information! 

Interested in becoming a mentor for new students? Click the links below for information and applications!

Want to know more about Peer2Peer? Contact Janelle Grey at 716.338.1061.

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