Career Self-Assessment: Helping You to Learn More about Yourself

A career self-assessment will allow you to match your individual interests, values, and skills to a particular career area. You can choose to meet individually with a JCC counselor and/or use the links below to complete self-assessments online.

Make an appointment with a JCC Counselor to discuss your career possibilities. The counselor may have you complete pencil/paper self-assessments such as the Strong Campbell Interest Inventory. The Counseling Center also has a computer-based career MCP/FOCUS. This guidance system helps students make career decisions through interest, ability, experience, and work value assessments.

The following web links provide information that will help you to learn more about yourself and your individual strengths. - Become more aware of your personality type strengths. It should be noted that some of the links on this site require payment. - Learn about your unique combination of interests and careers matching your interests.