Career Planning


Career planning/exploration is a process by which you discover your unique interests, abilities, and values and how they relate to your future career goals.

We have identified a variety of steps that can get you started on your exciting career exploration journey. You may choose to:

  • Meet with a JCC counselor. The counselor will meet with you individually and discuss your career goals. 
  • Use a computer based career program "MCP Focus." A counselor will provide you with your individual pin number that will allow you to access this computer based career assessment tool from home/campus.
  • Participate in self assessments on the web.
  • Explore career planning and information web sites.
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss registering for the JCC course, Life/Career Planning, Hum 1550.
  • Read career related books.
  • Attend College and Career Night at JCC.