Make informed career choices

For most students, it is natural to question and struggle with the process of making career and life decisions. The following steps can help you make a satisfying career choice.

Step 1: Discover careers that fit my interest, abilities, values & personality

Below are links to career assessment tools that will help you reflect on who you are and what is important to you. No one assessment will tell you what job you will be best at or like most. However, the following assessments will help you gain insights into your personality, what you like, what motivates you, how you make decisions, what you enjoy, and your skills.  

Self Assessment Resources

  • MCP/FOCUS - learn about your interests, abilities, experiences, and work values. Contact the Counseling and Career Center for a user ID. 
  • Career Zone - a brief assessment of interests and work values
  • My Next Move - explore new or growing careers and industries

If you would like help with assessing your interest, abilities, values and personality, contact a JCC counselor.

Step 2: Find information about careers and related college majors

When researching career options, reflect on these topics:

  • Nature of the work 
  • Job responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Education, training, or experience needed
  • Working conditions
  • Employment outlook
  • Opportunities for advancement within the field 
  • Employment location 
  • Your needs and values

As you read about different career options, ask yourself: "Does the career I have in mind match who I am and the skills I have?"  

Use this worksheet (PDFDOC) to compare possible career options.

Learn more about careers and majors

If you would like help with finding career information, contact a JCC counselor.

Step 3: Decide on the best career option for me

Use the following information and worksheet to learn about effective decision making. This is an important step, so take your time considering your options.

Now that you have learned about yourself, different careers, and decision making strategies, use the career comparison worksheet (PDFDOC) and the core values worksheet (PDFDOC) to evaluate your career options.

If you would like help with deciding on a career, contact a JCC counselor.

Step 4: Transfer or find a job


Our counseling staff will help you connect to four-year colleges and universities, whether you’re staying in New York or the SUNY system, going somewhere else in the Northeast, or transferring across the country. Learn more.

Find a job

Would you like to know the best methods for finding a job and how to answer those tough interview questions? The following information can help you prepare for your job hunt.  

Learn about job opportunities

Network: talk to people you know to see who is hiring.

Look for jobs:

  • Take a look at our list of regional jobs (positions from employers in the community), and our jobs at JCC (staff and faculty positions).
  • Other open jobs are posted on the job boards located outside the Counseling Center on campus.
  • Meet with employers when they visit campus.
  • Leverage the world’s largest professional network to build relationships and connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network to uncover insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.

​​Visit company and organization websites to find information and jobs that interest you.

Participate in career fairs on and off campus.

Preparing a Resume

Getting Ready for a Job Interview

For assistance with resume writing, job search, interview, and other job related services, contact the Counseling and Career Center.

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