Non-Traditional Student Network

 At JCC, approximately one-third of all students are considered non-traditional. Although this group can simply be taken to mean students who are somewhat older than recent high school graduates, they can be more clearly described as students who have had many life experiences occur between leaving high school and attending JCC.

These life experiences are likely to include many non-academic accomplishments achieved in roles taken through parenting, jobs, travel, military service, career changes and numerous other circumstances.

Because the needs and concerns of this group of students are so specific to their varied history, JCC provides a Student Senate- sponsored club, Non-Traditional Student Network. This club provides an opportunity for non-traditional students to discuss and exchange ideas and concerns in a relaxed, informal setting.

The dedication to helping one another navigate the new challenges of college allows for an atmosphere of mutual support and help that makes for easier adjustment to the new student role. On-going friendships are formed, and Non-Traditional Student Network always welcomes new members.

Meetings are held every Monday at Noon, and you can be directed to the location by stopping in to the Counseling and Career Development Center in the Hamilton Collegiate Center on the Jamestown Campus.