Refunds from JCC

The Business Office issues student account refund checks on a weekly basis. Checks are sent to the current address listed in your BANNER account. They are not available for in-person pick-up.

A refund is issued when funds are paid to your account that exceed your tuition, fees, and other student bill charges. Generally a refund check is not issued for aid that has been authorized to your account but not received yet by the college. Because funds are received at various times, you may be issued multiple checks.

Check your refund status

Check the status of your refund in BANNER. Enter your User ID and PIN. If you don’t know your login information, there is a link above the User ID and a Forgot PIN button.

Click on Student, then Registration, then View Your Bill. Select the term.

In the Refunds section at the bottom of the bill, you will see Refund with a date assessed and dollar amount once the refund has been processed to the student account. The check will be cut within a week of the date assessed. When Balance Due is zero, all refunds have been issued. If additional funds are received later, the Business Office will issue another refund.

If aid you are expecting is not listed on your bill, check in BANNER all sections under the Financial Aid tab to review your current status.   

Please allow two weeks after funds have been credited as "paid" for your refund check to be processed, plus a minimum of three days mailing time. The Business Office will not consider a check lost in the mail until two weeks after the mail date. Checks received and then lost or stolen should be reported to the Business Office immediately.

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Contact the Business Office

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